Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Word Up"

And the English language added its millionth word on Wednesday - "web 2.0" - according to CNN's report. How official this word count is is still to be argued, but it does still point to the unending creativity inherent in the human race. Made in His image, eh?

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PM said...

Steve you are probably the most positive person I have ever come across.
You make Christianity appear to be what I always thought it should be.
Helping people and you never seem to discriminate or be down on anyone like everyone else.
Perhaps you should write a book on how you see your faith in todays society as you don't fit with the norm which always seems closed and bigoted and banning all types of people for this or that. I am currently having a michael jackson youtube weekend of songs with my headphones on and God willing I will soon be able to hook up my notebook with speakers (not while you are on nights) though.
You are the most positive and happy Christian I have ever met. You never discriminate or hate like Jesus never did and yet when my step father died and I went to church all the priest said was "do you not have any friends"!!!!
You should write a book stating your modern life as a Christian and your beliefs and create a buzz around it and start a small movement.
You and Jenny are the kindest people totally un judgemental and so are Jennys parents. Keepit up. The most hardworking and genuine and optimistic christian I have ever ever come across.