Wednesday, 5 November 2008

25 things I learned in Kentucky and Tennessee

  1. there's a Walmart on every corner
  2. there's 20 times the amount of churches than Walmarts
  3. you have to love country (Nashville), blues (Memphis), rock n roll (Memphis) or contemporary Christian music (everywhere): it's your choice...
  4. your Baptist minister can't buy alcohol within 50 miles of his church, but he can smoke or chew tobacco
  5. you can drive for over 2 hours on the interstate without touching a pedal (good ol' cruise control)
  6. watching High School Musical 3 at the drive-in is marred only by the steamy windscreen
  7. Graceland isn't a cheesy experience in the slightest, it's really rather tasteful (unlike Elvis's choice of decor)
  8. the Newsboys sound better live than in the studio
  9. playing $3000 Gibson Les Paul's leaves one rather weak at the knees
  10. the homeless in Memphis rather fancy themselves as tour guides
  11. we could buy a 4-bed house with 25+ acres outright and have spending money left over... :-S
  12. baseball is much more fun than American football
  13. only in America could a grocery store chain be called "Piggly Wiggly"
  14. the US aren't interested in being green in the slightest, they'll just do anything to avoid relying on Arabs for fuel
  15. you never have to leave your car for anything: drive-thru ATM's, drive-thru pharmacies, drive-thru libraries...
  16. grits aren't worth all the fuss
  17. WHOEVER wins a government election, they can't save a country. God's in charge.
  18. speedboats, handguns, samurai swords and throwing stars are all readily available in your local mall
  19. shooting shotguns and rifles in the back yard is not only legal, it's really great FUN
  20. if the Shakers thought we were already living in the post-Second Coming Millenium, then their expectations of heaven must have been WELL below par...
  21. Christian Halloween parties are theologically a bit weird, but do feature great chilli
  22. the Amish are pretty cool neighbours
  23. Kentucky Baptists party just as well as Kent Charismatics
  24. a red-neck's last words = "Hey y'all, watch this!"
  25. if we ever moved to the States, we have a ready-made family in place... love y'all...

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Jason Reid said...

Hooray you're back...