Saturday, 3 May 2008

Madly in love

I've just finished reading Gary Thomas's "Sacred Pathways" - a book I'll be reviewing in the next few days or so - and was rather struck by something he says whilst on the subject of ascetics and their 'strict' ways. Whilst neither of us are ascetics in any way (my review of the book will explain its actual theme in detail), this still sums up my and Jennie's faith so perfectly...

"Ninety-nine percent of communication is in the interpretation. A man who begins giving a portion of his income to the church and its work, carves out time two or three times a week to attend church services, tells people on the street about his God, and reads books about God on a regular basis may appear to be a 'religious fanatic'. If, however, the same man were to begin making payments on a diamond ring, spend his weekends going on dates, tell all his co-workers about the lovely woman who has come into his life, and read love letters over and over, the world would simply say he's 'in love'."

That's us. Madly in love. With each other, for sure, but also with the King of kings.

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